Haryana villagers learn about co-existence - with monkeys and leopards

Updated: few hours ago

Mandawar (Haryana), Jul 4 (PTI) Scores of monkeys, a pond and a charred branch with claw marks tell the story of the untrammelled urbanisation that led to a leopard being electrocuted in the village of Mandawar, almost at the doorstep of millennium city Gurgaon.

It’s been two weeks since a two-year-old leopard was killed after getting caught in a high tension wire in the congested village and the signs of its conflict are all there.

The village pond is bustling with about 60 monkeys huddled around the water, ready to dive in to quench their thirst in the blazing summer afternoon.

At the edge of the pond lies a charred branch that broke off a tree when the leopard got electrocuted. The other half of the blackened branch, still on the tree, and the feline’s claw marks on the trunk are evidence of the unfortunate incident on June 20...