'100 Great Chronicles of Indian History': Book gives a peek into India's glorious past

Updated: few hours ago

New Delhi, Jan 25 (PTI) From cave paintings to the Constitution, a new book, "100 Great Chronicles  of Indian History", offer rare glimpses and insights into events that shaped the course of India's kaleidoscopic journey, uncovering little-known details, colourful stories and a collage of cultures.

The book, released on Tuesday, is written by author Gayathri Ponvannan and published by Hachette India.

"It took almost two years, and much support from the editors at Hachette, to put together a diverse range of chronicles - from pre-Harappan seals, Vedic hymns, Gupta age texts, Chola naval records, temple inscriptions, Mughal paintings, British India telegrams, right down to radio broadcasts from the 1971 war, and messages from the Mars mission.