Author Ruskin Bond pays homage to beloved country in his latest book 

Updated: few hours ago

New Delhi, Jan 26 (PTI) Drawing on his own memories and impression of India, celebrated author Ruskin Bond in his latest book, "A Little Book of India: Celebrating 75 years of Independence", pays homage to the country that has been his home for 84 years.

The book, an amalgamation of the "physical and spiritual" attributes of India, promises to take readers on a journey filled with nostalgia and devotions. It is published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI).     "This little book does not claim to be a political or historical analysis of events, although I have dwelt on the highlights of the last 75 years of India's progress to maturity as a nation.

"It is a record of some of my memories and impressions of this unique land -- of its rivers and forests, literature and culture, sights, sounds and colours -- an amalgamation of the physical and spiritual," wrote the 87-year-old author in its introduction of the book.