Good Man Kane: Hopefully we can adopt 1.5 billion supporters for final

Updated: few hours ago

London, July 11 (PTI) "I hope they're not too angry," Kane Williamson was his quintessential unassuming self while enquiring about the heartbroken Indian fans, and wished to "adopt" the Men in Blue's 1.5 billion supporters to back New Zealand in the World Cup final.

A scribe told him that he met angry Indian fans outside the stadium after their semi-final loss and his reply, filled with warmth, could win hearts instantly.

"Yeah, I hope they're not too angry. Obviously, the passion for the game in India is unrivalled and we are all fortunate to play this sport and have a country like India be right behind it and the support that they have for their home team," he said.

Williamson's reply could be termed as safe and diplomatic but it had the conviction to melt hearts...