Aditya Chopra announces his Broadway debut with 'Come…Fall In Love. The DDLJ - Musical'

Updated: Oct 23 2021 1:32AM

Mumbai, Oct 23 (PTI) It was in 1995 when Aditya Chopra presented the love story of Raj and Simran, and now 26 years later, the tale is set to be chronicled as a Broadway musical.

Chopra on Saturday announced that he will make his Broadway debut as a director with the musical version of the classic romance movie.

The filmmaker is "terribly nervous and incredibly excited" about the Broadway musical and he feels "23 again (the same age I was when I directed DDLJ)".  "I’m a hardcore cinema guy, I have never done theatre in my life and here I am trying to pull off the craziest ambition of my life," he said in a note shared with the media.