US to take 'calm & resolute' steps to support Taiwan amidst China's intimidation: White House

Updated: Aug 13 2022 10:17AM

Washington, Aug 13 (PTI) China's actions to "intimidate and coerce" Taiwan following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei are fundamentally at odds with the goal of peace and stability, the White House has said, asserting that the US would take "calm and resolute" steps to support the self-ruled island.

China’s ruling Communist party has long claimed sovereignty over Taiwan. Beijing insists its “one-China principle” would bar most incumbent foreign government officials from setting foot on the island.

The People's Liberation Army announced war games in the busy Taiwan Strait from August 4 to 7, the day after Pelosi, who is the highest-ranking US leader to have visited Taiwan in 25 years, left Taipei after high-level meetings.