No third person can interfere in lives of adults living together as husband and wife: HC

Updated: Jul 23 2022 9:08PM

New Delhi, Jul 23 (PTI) No third person, including family members, can interfere in the lives of two consenting adults living together as husband and wife, and the State is under a Constitutional obligation to protect married couples irrespective of their caste or community, the Delhi High Court has said.

Justice Tushar Rao Gedela stated that it is the duty of the State and its machinery to ensure that no harm comes to the citizens of the country and the Constitutional courts are also empowered to pass orders to protect the citizens fearing any harm.

The court's observations were made on a petition by a couple claiming that after getting married against the wishes of their families, they were living in various hotels due to fear, and unless they were protected, they would not be able to find peace.